Why does this keep happening to me?

Every time I start talking to a new guy, he tells me, "he isn't lookin for a relationship" It keeps happening. I've been trying to move on from a previous relationship, and the last guy I had been talking to for months and months. He told me, "I'm focused on school, we're never going to date, you and I are friends forever." I accepted it at the time. But now a few weeks later he's dating this girl who's probably prettier, has a bigger butt and bigger boobs, etc. I was really hurt by that, I almost started crying so I just told him i would tthl. Now the guy Im talking to now ALSO says that he isn't looking for a relationship. Now I think he's lying too... Our conversations are sexual sometimes, same with the other guy when we used to talk. Is part of the reason because I don't show I have self respect by accepting "relationships" like this.


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  • So here you go. When someone says "I'm not looking for a relationship"... they mean "I'm not looking for a relationship (with you)". It's a rejection , it stings and will happen more times than it doesn't in your life. Just roll with it and focus on the next guy.


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  • Well whoever he was might've been a douche. He should've been sincere and told you he didn't have any feelings, although that's sometimes a hard thing to do because you care about someone. I think you just fell for the wrong person. Try finding a guy who's worth it, who will actually care about you and not tell you he's not interested after so long.

  • Message me we'll talk, I can't say all of my answer on here,


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