Broke up with the ex boyfriend three weeks ago, but his close friend admitted his feelings towards me?

Basically I was dating the ex for two months and we ended it as he wasn't capable to be there for me when I needed him. A few nights ago his friend messaged me (drunk) saying that he thought I was fit. He said that half of him wants to be a good mate but the other half wants to have fun. And that I'm tempting. And he said fuck it, so we could have fun. The next day he messaged me saying he can't do it to his friend (my ex) and so on because people are still questioning why me and the ex broke up and stuff. He said that he'll have to wait until everything calms down before doing anything.
I'm not sure if I should go for him and I so, what exactly am I meant to tell him? The ex broke up with me so surly I'm aloud to have fun with anyone? The friend thought I was fit while I was in the relationship.
I actually like the guy as he was there for me during the relationship and always have me advice. What am I meant to do?


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  • depends on how you feel.. if that dude was my friend and went out with my ex I'd never be his friend again. This is why you never date an ex of a friend... I mean unless you 2 have such an amazing connection from the 1st day that you met. Otherwise it just causes loss of other friends and it isn't worth it.

    For me an ex is there for a reason.. to be in the past. I also leave my ex's friends and family in the past too. I move on to newer and better people and experiences. Also, the dude was drunk... never listen to a drunk person.

    • When he was sober, he said that he wants to wait until everything has calmed down before anything can happen.

    • yeah but that could be a year... Some times people don't get over another for a long time. I wouldn't be surprised if your ex and this new guy don't become friends anymore after awhile if you go through with it. Then you'll be known as the woman who wrecks friendship between other men.

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