When does a guy know if he wants a relationship?

How long does it take a guy to hang out with a girl before he is sure he wants to be in an actual exclusive relationship with her? 2 months? 6 months? I know it depends on the person but the average. Usually men know after a month or less that they want to be with me but I'm dating someone who I'm not sure after 2 months he's ready. We hangout, I've met his friends, he said he really likes me so just curious.


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  • When - when YOU tell him
    It takes years of mistakes for a guy to go shopping with an actual list in hand

    Some of the marriage jokes have some truth in them:
    1st wife resembles his mother
    2nd would be for lust
    3rd would be for money
    4th... he should live so long

    So at your age, act like his Mom?


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