Is this guy just stringing me along? Need advice ASAP?

Went out with a guy I met off okcupid, hooked up a little (just kissing, no sex or anything, he was cool with taking it slow) we both went out of town for a while after, he texted me while he was gone letting me know he wants to hang out when we are both back in town. I get back in town, we agree to meet, he cancels saying he's not feeling well, asks to get together the following week (didn't specify a day or anything) so I'm like sure that sounds fine, feel better, and I figured he would just stop texting me after I responded with that. Instead He then proceeds to text me all these compliments on my looks saying how hot I look several times and all that kinda stuff after canceling on me which I just found kind of annoying. Then ends by saying we will talk soon. Is he just stringing me along? I feel like why text me all those compliments if he is never planning on messaging me ever again, right? So is he just trying to keep me in his "Rolodex" of women, I suppose? I feel like he would have just flaked without saying all that superficial shit to me if he didn't want to see me again but at this point I just think he's playing games and I don't have time for that.


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  • I'm kinda skeptical of folks on dating sites, and I'd suggest vetting them really carefully, but you're literally asking if one instance is a trend. From what you've said, I'd think he probably wanted to see you, but really wasn't feeling well. If not, then you won't hear from him again. If you're concerned that you want to get out of whatever you have with him honestly, then if you haven't heard back in a few, text or call him to ask how he's feeling. If he doesn't answer, you've done all you can do, and would be doing nothing against him by simply moving on.

    • Yeah thanks! I mean if he didn't want to see me again why text me from out of town and all that shit and then send me all those texts after I tried to end the conversation. I'm not gonna reach out to him. If he wants to see me he has my number but I don't have time for any games at this point. Thanks for advice!

  • Just remember there are more men in this world and there are women which means you have more choices then the man around so if he's not working for you find another one there's lots of us


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