Getting depressed from a fling. Help me get over it somehow/understand?

Had the best week of my life, gone for a holiday, more spesific; a full on party weekend with loads of drugs and alcohol and sun and laughter. Spent two of the first days with this guy, then spent the two next missing him, spent the last ones learning that he'd been jealous of the guys I hung with when I thought he didn't want to hang with me- so fooled around with him again, to then hear he liked me so much and was going to miss me- then he said he couldn't do this because he knew I was going home to my country and him to his, yet the next day we snuggled and he said we'd be in touch, fer sure, and I told him via Facebook I missed him and would gladly meet him, he said he missed me too and would contact me as soon as he was home. It's been days, I'm home, he's home, haven't heard a thing, and he's texting and snaping with all the other girls he met there- the ones who lives in his country. Tell me- am I a case of someone he didn't really like that well after all and decided it would be best to ignore, or am I just trying to be forgotten because we can't become anything anyways because of the distance, therefor he chooses the other girls?

I don't know why. but I'm acting pathetic, bored by everyone, thinking about him all the time, just agonised by the fact that he doesn't send me a single smiley. Now how the hell can an amount of 5 half drugged days together make me so down? And for that matter, what do you guys think he thinks about it all? (Or if he doesn't even think about it)


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  • Okay first I'm going to be the angel he's probably talking with the other girls in his country because I can't get to you in your country so he figures that's no point in continuing that relationship because it's only going to bring heartache and pain, okay here's Detzel devils advocate he's not talking to you because you just use your phone to the phone that he could have and then he moved on now neither one of those are the best solution or answer for your question but since this is opinion and opinions of words exactly what exactly what it cost you you're going to have to think about the comment you get here and really truly think about what went on and what kind of connection you to develop if there wasn't much the connection or


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