So this girl crushed my heart, having some trouble coping with it need help?

This girl that i was really into crushed my heart as you can tell by the title... she tells me that i annoy her and that i have been all summer, but here's what doesn't make sense she was always the one texting me first and skyping me first, she always talked to me first i just need someone a girl specifically to explain how that makes sense and why i feel so bad. is it because of my looks cause im really insecrue about that ill leave a poll at the bottom

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  • Wow what a bitch! It just takes time to get over it a guy did something like that to me, he said he sort of liked me then he used me as a way to not look like a loner at a dance and then the next week he had a girlfriend and said he never liked me! It just takes time to move on girls can be horrible so, stiles I am one so obviously I know this and I feel like crap cause I did something like that to a guy once (there were some serious reasons though). I doubt it was your looks because you aren't ugly and just try talking to more girls not just one specifically and that might help a bit! Sorry that my answer was kind of allllll over the place


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  • Something like that but not the same thing happened to me I got my heart broken and it took me a little bit to get over him u can do better find a girl that will make u happy if she is willing to do this to u she's not worth it I know it will be hard but u will get over her and no u should not feel bad u r lookin in the wrong place for love hope I can help u


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  • Dude im obviously not a chick but it sounds like ur just bugging her with the frequency of contacting her or how u behave when u two speak. I know fir a fact looks don't matter as much as u think. I've dated girls way out if my league because chicks like subtle confidence in a guy. Most of all they want a real man thats secure in himself.

    • I agree with the looks, subtle confidence and secure in oneself parts.
      I think the term "real man" is far too subjective to take any value from.
      I also think that you may be presumptuous about his behavior. Him being annoying is just as likely as her being shallow.

      What I will say is that you may have been overly receptive to her, overly eager, or overly-focused during those conversations.
      I've found the best way to approach and interact with a woman you're interested in is to always have something else you could be doing, or something else on your mind. Never give her more than 50% of your attention or focus if you're interested in her. As you go, gradually increase it the more you like her.

      The girl may also just be a diva or generally shallow person. Your interests may not be the same, too.