There's this guy we act like we are a couple and we both like each other a lot but yet he doesn't want to be in a relationship with me, what do I do?

okay, so me and this guy have been talking for almost four months now and like we act like a couple and we both have strong feelings for each other. I myself am such a jealous type and I stalk his snapchat a lot and we snap each sooo much but I am never even on his bestfriend list and he always has all these girls on there. Every time I bring up the "why are we not together" he always says its because we go to two completely different schools and that he will party a lot in school and when he will be in relationship he won't be happy because he is scared to cheat. But he doesn't want to stop talking still and wants me to visit him at school and still continue us "talking" and having this "thing". Obviously I am wasting my time with all of this, but what should i do and tell him?


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  • He just likes the attention of you giving him the time of day.
    That is why he is on snap chat to begin with.
    If he got serious with a girl then he wouldn't be on it so much talking to tons of girls.
    Or he would get serious with a girl and be more sneaky about it.
    He is probably young and immature yet can't admit it.
    I suggest to not keep asking him, "Why are we not together"
    Reverse that little game he plays on you. Either that or completely move on to another guy.
    By doing this, it might take that you have to delete your snap chat for three or four months to situate your thoughts and emotions to have steady control.

    • too bad i can't live w/o snapchat. I mean honestly im that type of person that can get over someone so quickly that i feel like it wouldn't even be a problem for me.

    • Hey, I coldnt live without myspace..

      then i deleted it...

      ... and thats when MySpace started going downhill.

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  • sounds like you are one of his many pleasures. if he wanted to date you then he would not make excuses to simple.

  • This is going to be blunt, but in order to make him want a relationship with you you'll have to make the benefits clear. Namely sex. I suggest trying to get physical, tell him you want him, stuff like that.

    • too bad that it already has and was getting physical, and that still didn't change anything.

  • Be his half girlfriend

  • Leave him alone before you blame him for feeling used.


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