I really like this girl but she doesn't know I exist. I don't have enough confidence to go up to her and ask her out. What should I do?

She's probably the most beautiful girl I've ever seen but she's two years younger than me and still in school while I'm leaving to attend university. Every time I try to work up the courage to talk to her I completely freeze and just walk away.


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  • first of all.. u have to introduce urself if u already haven't. then you befriend her first n see whether u truly like her. whether u liker her personality or just her looks and if she does have a nice personality whilst u were befriending her u might have found out something she likes and plan a date and ask her out... girls feel flattered when a guy asked them out... soo go ahead..!

    • I guess I'm just too scared off embarrassing myself around her or coming off as desperate or boring so I haven't introduced myself to her yet.

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  • Go for it! Guys don't usually do things like that these days. She'll love that you had the confidence in yourself to walk up to her. Even if she turns you down I'm sure it'll still make her smile

    • I just don't know what I'd talk to her about.

    • Just walk up to her and ask her if you can have her number! Say you'd like to hang out sometime. Then that way you can text her and have time to think about what to say or ask :)

    • I guess it works out since one of my good friends is neighbours with her best friend so maybe next time I'm there she'll be there too.

  • Become a girls friend before you become a girls lover

    • I'm just afraid if I become her friend she'll find me boring and never want to take the relationship to the next level.

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    • I guess if it doesn't work I can focus more on becomeing a sports agent.

    • Yup always look to the positive

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