Dating someone totally different, can it ever work out?

I went on 3 fun dates with a guy I met online. We're the same age & graduated from same college, but other than that we're total opposites. He admitted he used to be a total party guy who messed around w/tons of girls in college, but now wants a "meaningful" relationship. Even though he's calmed down since then he still likes going out to bars/clubs & also likes extreme sports. As for me I don't drink AT ALL, am not much of a thrill seeker, and prefer staying in instead of going clubbing. I'm attracted to him & we have great conversations, but I told him we should just be friends bc we're too different (and I'm afraid he's a player). He insisted it could work and now wants to go on a 4th date.. I'm not sure if it's a good idea?


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  • It can work, but generally have things in common with your partner does really help. Sometimes when people date opposites, they are attracted to the differences, but later the differences drive them crazy. But anything is possible, follow your heart.

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