My girlfriend asked me to sleep with girls?

well, my gf and I always break up because of me having so many girls in my life. i'm her first love so I get why she always been attached to me. i can't stop talking to other girls yet i love her so much and when i'm with her i know that i'm happy. but i can't do what she wants she always asked me to remove a girl on insta she doesn't like so ended up blocking my girl just to stop her from seeing who I have, i can't put her at the top of my list but I LOVE HER. now she told me, you can have girls as much as you want, talk to them hang with them , u can even sleep with them I won't be mad at all, I'm with u but won't ask u to do anything for me, just live ur life the way u want..

should I be worried?
what does she really mean with all this?
i know 100% she doesn't have anyone else but me but it doesn't feel right that she says she won't get jealous anymore..
whats wrong with my girl? I can't talk to her about all this just said OK , i'm not really the kind of guy who talks to her about how i feel.


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  • Before I give my advice, I need to clarify what you mean by "so many girls in
    your life". Do you mean girls, as in friends that you have or do you mean girls
    as in you flirt with them and are keeping your options open, which one?

    If there just chick friends, then she can't expect you to ditch your friends
    just because they're girls.

    If there women your flirting with and making romantic connections with, while
    you claim to be in love with her. Then I can understand why she's mad.
    You can't really love her, if you're stilling playing the field. It doesn't work
    that way.

    As far as your girlfriend is concerned. I could possibly believe that she realized
    woman are always gonna be apart of your life, if she just said you could
    talk and hang out with them. However, the fact that she gave you a green
    light to sleep with other woman is a big red flag. NO woman (unless they're
    into open relationships) would ever give her man a green light to sleep with
    other women. That's just never gonna happen. The fact that it did probably means
    she was hoping to get some kind of a reaction from you. Or possibly a set
    up, so that if you do sleep with another woman. She could say you cheated on her
    and break up with you once and for all (because, if she had the will power to
    do so. She wouldn't keep agreeing to get back with you). Honestly though,
    she's the only one who knows her intentions behind that. And, you'll only find out
    what they are if you ask her about it. So, I suggest you do that.

    I also think you two need to decide if you're staying together, is a good thing
    or not. Love is not breaking up and getting back together all the time. It's a
    black hole of a relationship that keeps sucking you both back in and neither
    of you know how to get out of. But, it's not health for either of you. So, maybe it's
    time some serious choices be made.

    Good luck with you and your girlfriend (whatever you choose to do).


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  • Its not a test imo. Sounds like she's just emotionally checking out from the relationship. Or perhaps she's just accepted that you can't be monogamous, and has made peace with the fact that you'll do whatever you want regaurdless.

    Either way its not fair to hold a monogamous person hostage, if you are not a monogamous person yourself. Because you are going to end up losing the monogamous person eventually if you refuse to stop cheating and crossing boundaries.

  • Yeah... that was a test. You were SUPPOSED to say "omg no that's the last thing I want"

    Sorry about your impending break up QA, she's gonna find herself a new man. You can be single like it sounds like you really want to be, and she can be in a relationship with a guy who actually wants to be in a relationship.

    • i don't know about the testing thing she made it so many times but she's here, i want her but the kind of just one girl in my life isn't really what i want

    • Then too bad dude. You guys don't want the same thing.

  • I think that you couldn't choose between her and other girls, as a result she chose for you. I could be wrong. But that's what it seems like. The only way to get clarification is to discuss things with her.

    • if only i can get into her mind, she's a very hard person making her happy isn't easy i just don't get it she says nothing then she explodes and ask me stuff before sex like if i love her or if i'm serious about her solving women is just HARD

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    • i really feel like the bad guy here, all the time she cried in front of me and i didn't comfort her i kept on yelling , the moment i make her sad i regret it i just don't know how to show it, she's a good girl i know that i just don't know i don't feel like i deserve her at all but she's always here she always wants me she called me at 6 am saying i miss u? i've been busy this whole week so haven't talk to her i found it weird because she never did that, i don't know but i feel what we've broke already can't be fix yet we want to stay in each other's life

    • Hate to break it to you but you are the bad guy here. You two are supposedly in a relationship together but it seems as if she is alone. Ask yourself why are we even together? You know that you are wrong and that you hurt her yet you still continue to do what you want. You know that no matter the situation and no matter what you do to her she'll love you and she'll be there... so you think it's right to manipulate and walk all over her. The way you are treating her is so unfair she deserves so much more from someone who willing and able to give it to her. There is only so much one can take. As her boyfriend you should be there giving her love and solace. It is obvious that you think that it is something that can be mended so end it. Breaking up will hurt her no worse than the continuous agony she endures watching the one she loves not love her as he says he does.

  • Sounds like she's testing you to so that she can hear your response. She needs to know that she can trust you.

    • we're passed the testing things, she did more than six times and i failed her yet she's here

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    • she always said, i know the real you because back then she was the only one in my life before i start going to parties and drinking and all that

    • What she's saying is that your better than all that stuff. She says that she knows the real you because she knows that you are different. Maybe she wants you to stop drinking and partying.

  • well maybe that's whats she needs is for you to tell her more about how you feel about her and about you guys as a couple. She could be trying to give you a test, like to see what you choose?

    • well i'm planning to be married " not sure if to her yet" next year until i do i wanna live my life

  • It means DON'T DO IT!!! She's close to leaving you if she's that mad.

    • she did, last week then called me after two days saying she can't stay away

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    • Well, although not to me, most girls consider that cheating. So, if she founds out, in her mind your cheating.

    • she makes keeping her on my social media as a big deal but i don't want her there

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  • You sound like some kid who doesn't know what he wants.
    You're stringing along this chick who loves you and is willing to let you have other relationships and you have no clue if you want to prioritize her.
    She's obviously not on the same page as you. She's just trying to sacrifice her standards and beliefs to keep you. She doesn't feel any less attachment towards you so she's going to be jealous still.

    Just because you love something doesn't mean you need to keep holding on to it. Sometimes if you love someone you need to look at what you're doing and figure shit out.

    • you're right 100% I'm speechless to be honest

  • Hey man, sup. So I'm not posting anonymously because I've gone through exactly the same thing

    I was her first love, she couldn't stand me speaking or even looking at other girls with desire, she would check my phone constantly and usually I'd just delete my contacts and shit beforehand because I couldn't be with just one girl. I loved her but I was just a guy. She then found messages and u know the truth always comes out, but bro, be warned that she does really love you!!
    She said she can't let me go because we're so amazing together and I was her first kiss and everything, but she said I could do what I want. This is her way of testing your commitment. This was one thing I saw in my life as an ultimatum. Her or them. I chose her. I vowed to never be sexually in contact with anyone else. And she wouldn't trust any girl speaking to me, thinking I was irresistible.

    So that was the biggest achievement of my life. If you really and truly love her, nobody else will matter. Love is about sacrifices and commitment. So she's asking you to choose. And my advice is, choose wisely, her heartbeat should be way more valuable to your dick throbs.

    Good luck!

  • She completely lost hope in u. Deep inside her, she fewl sad to tell u to have ur own way. Thats how i feel a couple times. U make her sad deep inside cuz she ouldnt convince u and worry that one day u gonna cheat on her with those gurls so she gave up and let u have ur own way cuz of ur stubborness..

    • thats bad i think i fucked up things i just can't change this is who i am i don't like to commit yet i am with her, right i don't check on her or give her myself fully yet i try to every once in a while

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    • @someotherguy ,, even if i did , we end up getting back

    • Jealous people are the most faithful people u'll ever get to know. They care about u and want u to belong to only them. Yet u hated when she cried over this instead if comforting her? U should leave her and not make her suffer anymore >.>

  • Stop acting like a innocent man whore or leave her saying final good bye. You are already taking her for granted. Too bad man!
    What's wrong with you white people huh?
    Already there are few descent women in your country and you are doing this with her?

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