Why does he still try after I turn him down?

We have lots of history over the last 4 years. we dated, hooked up many times and had sex. He moved away and when he was leaving told me he liked me and always has. I already knew that. i didn't tell him i liked him back unfortunately. i saw him a month ago when i visited him and he could not keep his hands off me. he kept playfully hitting my butt and stomach and tried kissing me the whole night but I kept turning him down. he's visiting home now so just say him and he was still playfully hitting me and couldnt keep his eyes off me. why is he still trying to pursue me eventhough im rejecting him?


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  • It seems like he thinks your trying to play hard to get and likes the chase.

    • i think so too. so do i just continue that? i do like him him but dont want him to be done if i hook up with him? maybe flirt back more intense and tease him?

    • I'd say flirt and tease him and see what the outcome would be after that. If you both feel the the same way you guys should try dating again.

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