Cook (guy) gave me his number.. how long do I wait?

I was eating at a restaurant at around 9 pm and a guy was was cooking to the side (we could see the food being made) and he kept looking at me. I was with my mom having a girls night out lol. anyway, I would look occasionally and smile back.. when my mom got up to go to the restroom, a friend of his dropped off the number on a piece of napkin :p I looked at him and he gave me a nice simple smile :) mom got back like 30 seconds later and we left and he said bye and so did I. question is, how long do I wait to text him? a day..2 days? 3 day? morning, noon, or night? I've never gotten a number like that before so I'm completely clueless and would appreciate the help x) thanks everyone ^-^


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  • Text him in as close to 24 hours as possible.
    Wait too long and he'll possibly lose interest, or find you to inaccessible. Too early, and you'll come off as too accessible.
    It can kind of set the tone for yourself. The longer you wait, the stronger the message of "You're not going to be a big priority for me" and the earlier you text the stronger the message of "I'm really into you, lets get this going soon."

    Since you don't know what he wants, text him based on what you want.


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  • You can text anytime you feel ready to reply. Texts are not like phone conversations. If he receives it at a bad time, he can always wait. Same for you. Though, when it comes to the first text, you always want to allow for time to feel each other out in case he replies instantly.

    Chances are, he's going to be busy a lot since he works in the culinary industry, the industry for masochists. If he has any merit in his establishment, you can count on him working dinner service on Fridays and Saturdays, the times when typical people go out to have a fun night out.

    Congratulations on the number. Apparently you're a pretty girl.

  • Yeah, I hate women who game some type of rules for waiting on stuff, or judge me on how long I wait.

    If I like you, I'm going to give you pretty near instant feedback. I'll shoot an email, call or text with: "I had a good time tonight, let's do this again [soon or pick a day/event]." And, no I'm not bullshitting you / blowing you off.

    When you wait 3 days to respond to me? Yeah, not a good look.

    I'd love to find a woman who was fearless enough to say what she feels, when she feels it.

    • it was like 9 pm by the time i got the number and the night with my mom wasn't over because we caught a late movie.. what was my point? not sure lol

    • Agree with this guy ^ games are a turnoff.

  • just try and text him tomorrow and see what happens, good luck

  • FYI I'd call him a chef. Sounds nicer.

    • For cooks, that's the equivalent of telling a man that his "size" is a perfect fit.

    • Calling him a chef by accident is definitely a compliment. However never call a cook a chef infront of another chef. In the cooking industry, chef is an honorary title.

  • I think you should wait forever because he failed to man up and approach you and get your number. He was weak and had another guy slip you his number. Lame!

    • He was cooking on the line. If he left, he could get fired for that.

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    • Dude, it's just better the way he did it, trust me I've worked in the kitchen.

      If the waiter asked, not only would it have been awkward, but the waiter could get into serious trouble and have his tip reduced or not have gotten a tip at all.

    • Handing over a note with his number is just as awkward, can get him in just as much trouble and can also make him lose his tip dude. It's more awkward because the QA doesn't know when to text and is asking.

  • Do you have big boobs or a big ass? If so he probably wants to bang you

    • i would like tp believe i have good boobs and an OK ass. they aren't big, but their good. juuust saying

    • to* they are*

    • He wants to bang. Be warned, he might just want to use you.

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  • How could you wait more than a day and not know his name?

    • he included it on the napkin..

    • The thing you have to consider is that you didn't even talk to him so by texting him you're giving him your phone number.

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