New guy vs. old guy?

i'm 17 n I know that love is a complicated thing but I need help.2 years ago I think I might have fallen in love with a guy in my class he told me the sweetest things and all he ever wanted was to be with me.'so he says'. but after 2 years I can't trust him. people tell me he's seeing other people.. n well that breaks my heart. I think other girls in my class are flirting with him specifically this one girl. last day of school I saw them holding hands in the distance but then one of them let go. that was heart breaking to watch. i convinced myself that I didn't need him n stop talkin to him but he keeps coming back saying things like why I don't tlk to him. last week I called him a friend to see how he would respond. then he said he thought we were more than that. anyway... tracking back... also last 3 months this guys which had a crush on me from the time we were 7 told me he loves me n seriously... I almost think its to good to be true.. he treats me like a princess. I tried tellin myself tht no guy can be this good n tried putting him on a hold. i even found myself tellin him I love him. which I do... but now im in love with two people at once... well im CONFUSED.. I hate the old guy cause of what he did to me n what he does.. but I still love him cause he kind of taught me how to love. he was my first love.. but the new guy is sooo nice... I mean he's a real gentleman. n h actually tells me he loves me everyday unlike the old guy!!!
HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP... what should I do... now the issue is getting serious. the old guy is frightened by the new guy and the new guy thinks I still love the old... help...


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  • I think the choice is obvious. Go with the new guy if you think he's better for you than the old guy. Chances are you'll get hurt with the old guy is he is how you describe him. The new guy will be better for you and you're more likely to have a longer laying relationship with him.


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