What's better, staging a run in with a guy or asking a mutual friend for an intro?

I've known for about 6 mos this guy asked about me but I wasn't in a place to date yet. I am now and have a legit reason to go through his work place. Also have a mutual friend that I can ask for a meet up.

  • Go see him chance; chance he's interested and picks up on visit
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  • Ask mutual friend to arrange meet up
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  • Do both. If you have a legit reason to be there, is not the same as staged, imho. And the more you're in view, the better off you'll be.

    Also, if he talks to you at all, be sure to mention that you're single now. And ask about where he's at relationship-wise.

    If that doesn't happen/work, then ask for the intro.


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  • I suggest you get dolled up and just walk up to him, tell him your situation has changed and that your'e available. That you'd love to go out sometime. Wear your big girl panties because he may not be there anymore but hey! Playing games or triangulating isn't the answer.

  • Direct is always best, in my opinion.


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