Have I done something to make him need space? How do I fix this?

I've been seeing my ex off & on pretty much since we broke up. Off = because i get too clingy, anxious & push him away.
I just want to let you know that we know each other closely, no lectures please & I JUST want help on the CURRENT situation.

After a few weeks COMPLETELY apart, we met up & went for lunch. Lunch turned into a hug , then cuddles, then kisses, we ended up have the BEST day exploring the town we live in for uni.

Then, he went home for the weekend. When he came back we spent 2 hrs hanging out in my room (no sex stuff has happened) & had lunch.

Tuesday, he asked to chill but I was working. The whole time we'd been off & on he NEVER made the effort to organise stuff, so that made me happy.

Wednesday, we got lunch, went shopping, hung out at his house. He was being super cute, cuddling me , holding my hand, kissing my hand, kissing me on the cheek & lips etc.

He started saying stuff about 'how could he be so stupid' & 'how could he ever have thought he could be without me' and then said "If this happy you carries on a few weeks I might have to gf you".

I saw him Thursday before he went home, he kissed me goodbye and told me I was the best part of his day.

Then, I heard pretty much nothing on the weekend. He works Pretty much 15 hrs a day & he also got very drunk. Started to get anxious but kept my distance.

Sunday, when he got back I let my anxiety out a bit via text message, but quickly apologised and tried not to press the matter. He still replied with :) and x's.

Monday, he asked me to lunch but I had an appointment, I went over in the arvo. We cuddled on his bed and I drove him to his class. There was hugs & smiles but no kisses.

He was in a bad mood & hungover. Later, because of the bad mood I told him that i didn't like the change & I'd give him space. He said 'thanks :)'.

I feel like its my fault but I can't think of anything apart from my tiny bit of anxiety to cause it? Especially since we were ok-ish after...


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  • "Have I done something to make him need space?"

    No. He's a guy. All guys need space.

    "How do I fix this?"
    This isn't a problem which requires fixing. He is a guy. He will need space from time to time. Give it to him, or you'll lose him forever.

    • how long for? so i just don't contact him?

    • Have a life outside the relationship and concentrate on that. When he misses you, you'll know.

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