I have I made him distant or is he just being a guy?

I have been seeing a guy I have also previously seen. We met up & went for lunch. Lunch turned into a hug , then cuddles & kisses, we ended up have the BEST day exploring the town we live in for uni.

He went home for the w/end. When back we spent 2hrs hanging out & had lunch.

Tuesday - Asked to chill but I was working. His effort to organise to hang out mad me happy.

Wednesday - Got lunch, & hung out at his. He was being cute; cuddling me , holding my hand, kissing my hand, kissing me on the cheek & lips etc.

Started saying 'how could he be so stupid' & 'how could he ever have thought he could be without me' and then "If this happy you carries on a few weeks I might have to gf you".

Thursday - saw him before he went home, kissed goodbye & told me I was the best part of his day.

Heard pretty much nothing on the w/end. He works 15hrs a day & he also got very drunk. Started to get anxious but kept distance.

Sunday - He got back I let my anxiety out a bit via text message, quickly apologised & tried not to press the matter. He still replied with :) and x''s.

Monday - Asked me to lunch but I had appointment, went over in the arvo. Cuddled on his bed & I drove him to class. Hugs & smiles but no kisses.

He was in a bad mood & hungover. Later, I told him that i didn't like the change & I'd give him space. He said 'thanks :)'.

I feel like its my fault but I can't think of anything apart from my tiny bit of anxiety to cause it? Especially since we were ok-ish after...


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  • i don't think you did anything... i mean you could've made him feel weird by you letting out your anxiety a bit to early in yalls relationship... but i don't think so. he was probably just having an off day. i wouldn't be too worried about it.

    • He still hasn't spoken to me though. Should I leave him alone and then maybe say something after the weekend?

    • hmm yeah wait a bit