How to do? Help. Don't understand this guy?

We met in the club and I went home with him and we had sex. But I told him no relationship just sex. So we keep contacting, normally he contacted me first. And he asked the second sex but I was busy. After couple weeks he went to my home and we had sex again. Was really good and he loved it. During those two weeks he sent me few times messages and we kept contacting. After the second time sex he also contacted me we talked about some normal things.. Just one day he sent me one message but I felt like he sent wrong. Should be sent to other girls. He said I am drunk but u are so hot missing me? Kind of this. As he sent similar before so I told him miss him but he didn't reply. I felt he sent wrong so kidding said u must sent to wrong person and he didn't reply either.. So I don't know what's this. Problem is I start having feeling for him. What should I do? He never ignored my messages before. Don't know why.


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  • Hey... Stop worrying. Worry never gets a person anywhere :) If he was your true love then he will return and if he wasn't then he was never yours to keep. Just stay in a free mindset. Also.. I think.. It's what my gut says. I think that he will return and also... He misses you. Guys never say to a girl that they miss her first unless he is really easy going, therefore they ask the girl if she misses him and he asked you sooo... I guess he misses you. Just don't worry so much. Everything will turn out to be just fine :)

    • Hey thanks so much you seems really nice. That's the thing because I think he was drunk and sent wrong message. Should be sent to other girl but he sent to me. Because I replied him and he didn't reply me and I asked him with joke like you sent to wrong person? He saw it and didn't reply that's weird! Before he always asking me whether miss him. Similar message but this one just a bit weird..

    • Haha, Drunk people always tell the truth and maybe it could be what you said but worry no more about it, just talk to him about it when you two are together. Speak your heart out :)

  • He's not interested in a relationship and you're catching feelings like a typical girl.

    Stop communicating / seeing this guy, you're just going to get hurt when he reminds you that YOU said it was no relationship, just sex and he never lied to you or lead you on.

    • I said no relationship because I know all the guys don't want relationship so I just told myself no relationship. But the first sight I saw him I had feeling for him. Last time he came to my home we talked a lot, I don't feel he is too play boy. As we talked about books, documentary and career. He is a busy guy. Also he asked me why I broke up with my ex bf. and he told me I shouldn't have relationship that fast again I need a rest and think about it. We had a good chat and the second day morning he checked the song I told him and told me was good and helped me ask for volunteer or something. Just he left Ireland and I asked him where he going? He didn't reply and then he sent me that message said I am hot and missing him, stuff like this. Just weird I replied him he didn't have anything back. So I think definitely he sent wrong. Should be had sex with another girl or something. What you think? I never contacted him first actually.

    • I already told you what I think.

    • Ok ;) thanks.

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