He did something wrong but the reason why was acceptable so it's been a 3 days and he didn't text?

He is my dream guy. Not just with looking, he was so lovely and nice to me until that day. I am trying to ignore but i cant. Pls, help me to get rid of it. I dont wanna thinking about him anymore.


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  • If it was true love then he will return and if it wasn't then he was never yours to keep. Now listen to me closely, Things will just seem like they're going so hellishly wrong sometimes, but there will be a time when you will meet the right guy for yourself and it won't be a fairy tale but you'll just feel so right with him and then you'll laugh about the day that you even got so worried :) And. He didn't text? It doesn't matter. What matters is that you carry on with your life and be awesome at doing so and like I said. He will return if any of thing you two had was real and he won't if it wasn't. Its just a bad phase of life. Everything will be alright, And one thing more.. its okay to feel sad sometimes, we're only human after all :)

    • Waov, it's the best advice i ever had i think. I mean not like advice but still something makes me smile, thanks so much!

    • It's my pleasure :)

  • what did he do? and why was it acceptable? sounds like you're making excuses for the guy because your infatuation is blinding you


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