Advice stongly needed, how can I like looking like me instead of somebody else?

im sure most girls i know love the way they look like... even if there not pretty (im not being mean just saying) most of them dont even want to change the way they look and are soo satisfied with them selfs...

how can i like the way i look? how can i accept the way i am?

i get a dozen complements from guys and girls alll the time! but in the end of the day there is sombody else i always wanted to look like...

this is going to sound sooo stupide but i always had an an obessesion of looking like "britney spears" or "megan fox"
i guess you can say i have extreme low selfesteem, but been feeling that way since i was 16 and hasn't changed uptill now,... and now im 23 ;/

if i had money for surgeries i would Have Done It! but apparently god hasn't gave me the luck of being rich to buy thos kinds of things...

overall, girls how to you accept your looks? and not feel bad about looking like someelse who is your idial look of being pretty/hot?


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  • There's a whole range of people out there of different heights, complexions, hair, body types (for women, curvier, slimmer, pear, hourglass, petite, whatever) who are all really hot. They are hot in somewhat different ways, and indeed, some people may like one type more than other types.

    But the big difference in the real world isn't between petite pears vs tall hourglasses.

    In the real world, most people are fat slobs who do the minimal grooming to not be fired or openly mocked socially.

    Be in shape, get a good hairstyle, do makeup well when you feel like wearing it, dress in a way that you look decent. You don't have to do the above perfectly, but reasonably.

    Do all that and you'll be the hot version of you. And maybe you wish you were the hot version of someone else, but so what. If you're the hot version of you, you will look good, period, and probably 'your type' will be some guys' type.

    I understand your frustration - my body pretty much refuses to build muscle. I'd love to be not even a huge guy, but a more standard muscle level for guys who are 'fit'. I can't get there, it seems. On the other hand, I tell myself that while i may not build muscle well, guys who are shorter than me can't build height well either :p. We take what we get. When I'm the in shape version of myself, women seem to think my body looks good. Some it might not be their favorite but they still like it. And a few? It pretty much is their 'type'.

    Be the hot version of you, enjoy it, and don't worry about what you can't control.

    • that was a really aswome answer man! "be hot version of you" really good and practical answer too... i will pic this as most helpful for sure :) i rather look like me intead now and like it...

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  • there's always someone whos going to be better at you in something. we just have to accept that and live on. and we all know looks fade in time so it shouldn't even matter so much. and megan fox is not hot:P that's my personal opinion:D

    • yes i know there will be somebody better, always will be, but it wouldn't be difficult if i liked myself,,...

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    • nothing to cure darling;)

    • :D...

  • Lol, no one is actually universally ideal. People, especially females tend to think models are attractive. I've never seen a model I've found attractive so far. What's the point of hating on yourself when you're you and that's who you are? Not like you can change it in a reasonable fashion.

    • its like im more facinated buy how they look and intend to look like them without thinking about me, i might be crazy :p

    • Eh, I wouldn't ever come into terms with "oh you find me attractive now because I have had myself altered so you only like me for my fake appearance and not for me q. q" so to be honest plastic surgery really isn't for me.

    • you know what now that you put it that way, now i actualy changed my mind on thinking about plastic surgery,... i guess it would just have made me peer into it more then,. thanks have a great day...

  • Be urself and do what u like which should hurt others. Definitely u will be ur's then.


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  • go easy on the makeup, keep it natural maybe foundation to even out the skin some light gold eyeshadow and a little it of mascara to accentuate the eyes... try a little lip gloss and boom there you go.

  • don't wear makeup, dress how you want to, be yourself

    • well i wear makeup to feel secure with my looks at least i kindv can't live without it,... i do dress in how what siuts my body itss just the makeup i dont let go.

  • Stop comparing yourself!!! You'll never be happy if you continue to compare yourself to other people... be confident girl learn to work what u have

    • i dont think its that i compare myself, i think im more facinated with how the other looks like... i might be crazy perhaps.

  • You're pretty. Just be yourself. Most of these celebs behind makeup aren't all that anyway.

    • yeah i google them and see how they look without makeup :p never thought of it before lol