What was your first kiss like?

I have never gotten my first kiss yet and I would like to know how it feels like. And how I should kiss my mr. right?


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  • I remember my first big kiss and my first french kiss. Each one was memorable, but not with someone who was special. If I had waited that long, it would have been another year or so before I had the experience. No regrets, I love to kiss.

    I remember how soft the girl's lips were and how wet the kiss. And the French Kiss, wow, it was an explosion to my senses.

    I have often said that is what is wrong with most marriages, they stop kissing.

    Good Luck,



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  • my first kiss was with a guy I just met that night.

    if I had known him longer and would have had feelings for him it would have been great because it was in the rain and it was everything a girl would want except..I JUST MET HIM.

    ahh I wish it was with someone that was special to me.lol