Who do I choose? it is hard to pick?

i just found out two guys have a MAJOUR crush on me. one is my crush, and the other is the hottest guy I know. and on top of this, they are best friends. one of them has actually tried to win me over. i knew he liked me, but the hot guy has never shown me andy signs of liking me. i have asked my friends and they say go for my crush. but i am just not sure!

  • I should choose my Crush
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  • I should choose the hot guy
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  • none. they are best friends. why ruin there friendship? bro's b4 hoe's
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  • I'd go for the crush, since you've liked him the most out of the two.


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  • Go for someone who loves u or likes u and nit for someone whom u have to chase:) besides in case incase u reject d crush guy n hot guy turns out to b not liking u, u would miss chance to accept ur admirer n person who is truly fond of u;);) by d way my advice r useless. Whom do u truly want?:):):)

  • Go for the guy you already liked. Go with your gut don't base it off of looks, because they aren't everything.

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