Is my ex boy friend gay or not?

my knew boyfriend that I'm with now and a bunch of my friends are telling me that my ex bf was and is gay, there telling me the fact that after 2 years of us dating the fact he wouldn't have sex with me means he wasn't interested in girls but I dis agree because he wanted to do oral just told me he didn't want sex? he wouldn't do anything oral to me just always wanted me to do oral crap to him, dose mean he is gay and just using me as a cover up?


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  • He could've been scared of coitus.

    Of course, only wanting BJs could really be a classic gay move. If he was gay, he was just imagining it was a man blowing him. :)

    Gay boys like to run game on straight men that way, a mouth is a mouth is a mouth...

  • He was asexual.


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