Am I being bigoted towards these types of women? And should I date them?

Recently i noticed i maybe a little bigoted you see i only date and or have sex with are either equal or higher levels of intelligence in comparison to me and were also introverts and well i was recently thinking and i had attracted women who were'nt of say my level of intelligence and were also extroverted, and i was attracted but thought at the same time no way in hell would i date them, the types i usually date are bella swan types, you know shy and introverted, yet the other type is an alice cullen type, you know outgoing, and extroverted.

Yet i was thinking lately this extoverted ones were very sweet and very kind, and really into me as well, but you see i was raised around dumb attention seeking women and girls, who were abusive to me and was wondering if its time for to change and go for extroverts as well, as i realised just because she is an introvert and intelligent does'nt nessacrily mean she won't hurt me and won't cheat on and will make me happy, so anyway any help would be great on this issue thank you.


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  • Sounds to me like you answered your own question with your last sentence / paragraph.


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  • Everyone has preferences. Sure your preferred type could be a bad partner, but it just depends on the person. There's no reason you have to go for extroverted girls, just go for who you're attracted to. You're not being bigoted.

    • Some extroverts i'm highly attracted to its just the ones who raised me installed bad things in my head so when i get the opportunity i back away thats what i meant.

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