Are women equal today?

Are women equal today? why don't women pay for things when out on a date? why don't women do al the things that they want a man to do on a date?

ok, what I'm getting is the ones that yell that want to be equal. Do not really want to be equal. they want the rolls of the past for women. To have everything done for them.


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  • No, women aren't fully equal. They still face discrimination in fields such as politics and science and engineering and many others. And yes, we do want to be equal, or at least most of us do. And I would wager to say that we'd be fine with paying if we could have true equality. But actually, do you know where that whole paying for dates thing comes from? It's because when it was established, women didn't have as many opportunities to make nearly as much money as men. So really, even that has it's roots in patriarchal and misogynistic societal standards. Now, the reason that still persists is because many people are still raised to adhere to traditional gender roles. I assure you that any actual feminist would be perfectly happy to split the cost evenly.

    • Equality is a myth.

    • How so? Perhaps we can never have perfect equality, but then we can't really have perfect anything anyhow. In that sense, peace is a myth as well, as is freedom. And anyhow, we can certainly have better equality than we do now, so that at least is attainable.

    • In regards to the update: Pretty much, yes. Those "feminists" who just angrily rant about how terrible men are and how women should get all sorts of privileges generally aren't actually campaigning for equality. They supposedly want gender roles to go away, and yet they still want the advantages those gender roles can bring them. To them, it's less about giving women more equality and more about giving men less, which is not how one achieves genuine equality.

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  • no one is equal. we are al both unequal. but if you mean in front of the law. supposedly but not really. if you mean socially, absolutely not. there is a tremendous amount of discrimination and disrespect towards women. tis culture functions on the belief system that men should lead and women should follow-likechildren... women are allowed legally to persue an adult existence but they are punished for it. socially.

    I pay my way , and id like to know what 'things' do i want men to do. enlighten me please.

    you could easily flip it around. women and men are equal under the law. why do men insist on treating them like children in a relationship. 'traditional' views is a view invented in the 1900s projected back hundreds of years... which makes 'tradition' arguably a product of part a slave system. slavery is not part of our gal system yet many men cling to the cultural views that promoted slavery.

    those are the men that will reject a woman for not being a lady if she insists on paying her way. or asking him out. or planning dates without permission. or having sex when he decides its too soon. or too late. or proposing. or earning more than him. or being stronger. or being more logical. or witnessing him having a tantrum, or calling him on his bs. or not being submissive. or not letting him have the final say... anything ls he decides interferes with him being a 'man'.

    those men want/ insist on paying pay for dinner. out of curiosity why dont you talk to them?

  • Depends on the woman, but honestly most women of this generation want to use feminism and "equal rights" when it's convienent for them. Yet, they don't encourage "equal rights" in many other cases. For example abortion; Women tell men to "step up, be a man, and take responsibility" when they choose to keep a baby and the man does not want to participate, altering his life. However, women feel that they should not have to "step up, be a woman, and take responsibility" for having sex and that it's okay for them to not want to participate because it will alter their life.

    • No. Firstly, addressing the abortion thing, there's a big difference between paying child support and keeping a child you don't want. Primarily the fact that bodily and financial autonomy are in no way equal in terms of importance. Plus, the woman has to face consequences even if she does get an abortion. It's not as if there are no unpleasant affects whatsoever.

      On the larger point, that's still not true. Feminists encourage equal rights all around, even in places where it doesn't necessarily benefit women. Many of the things that give women some advantages are actually caused by the same misogynistic societal standards feminism is fighting against.

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    • I'm simply stating that your comparison is faulty and that you should probably find a better example if you want to actually prove your point. That is all.

    • Maybe YOU believe that my comparison is faulty, but this is not English class and you are not my teacher. You are not the ruler of all OPINIONS. You do not dictate which OPINIONS are faulty and which are not. I've noticed your little habit for being unable to critique views you disagree with and quite frankly, I'm not in the mood for your nagging. Please excuse yourself from my post.

  • The very fact that we are still raised in gender roles. Our fathers still teach boys not to cry and that they can't wear the color pink and are mothers still teach our girls that they have to get married and be a mom and that boys don't like girls who are too smart. We still a being taught everyday that there are things boys and girls should and boulder do because of their gender. But changes to out grow these gender roles are coming slow and gradually and with each generation but there coming. And it starts with adults teaching our kids to not accept these stereotypes

  • Legally yes, socially no.

    Depends on the woman, I've paid for dates before. I've also prepared the meals for dates.

  • ... Really that's the problem with feminism and equality now... Most women want equality, but at the same time want all the priviliges they get "because they're a woman". I personally see there IS a difference between women and men. None is below the other, but they both have othet things they feel the need to do.
    At the same time, if a woman wants to be treated like a man, treat her like one.
    If a man wants to be treated like a woman, of course he can!!

    • Bull. Most actual feminists are fine with not having those "privileges" so long as they can have actual equality. But really, do you understand where most of those "privileges" come from? From the same patriarchal gender roles feminists are in fact fighting to get rid of. Do your research before making incorrect generalizations.

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    • Yeah and because of these bad apples, I don't want to be associated with the movement. You can say whatever you want, but you're not gonna change my mind and I'm not gonna waste my time arguing with you. Have a nice day :33

    • Alright, I see. I can't say I understand your view, seeing as every single organization and movement has a few bad apples, so unless you affiliate with nothing at all you can't avoid that. But that's alright. I just want to make sure it's understood that those bad apples are in fact a very small minority, and not at all representative of the whole.

  • Women do pay for things on dates... and do all of the things men do... I certainly do... in fact I usually pay for more dates and more dinners than my BF because he doesn't have a job and I work two of them.

  • When I get paid the same salary ad you to do the exact same job, I'll pay for dinner

  • You're assuming that no one woman ever pays for a date. That is incorrect. I pay for dates. Many others on this site pay for dates.

    You say "women want equality but then why don't they pay for dates?" ---- the women who really want equality do pay for dates and such. It's not feminists being selective. Feminists will pay for themselves. The women who refuse to pay are feeding in to gender roles. They are not the same women who are asking for equality.

  • Because men always insist on paying even when you shove money in their face I guess it's a pride thing and also they feel like they have to impress a girl and show her he can take care of her

  • Well when I go I pay for my part and the tip, but no, women are not equal, and I blame that fact that some women act like they should be but then get mad when some one treatd the the same


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