Is it normal to always drink or have a couple drinks before you see a boy/girl during the first few weeks of dating someone new?

I find myself having a drink or two before me and a guy would hang out. It lasts for a few weeks. Is this normal?

Thanks guys. Maybe I just worry to much. I need to say "this is me" and not worry about rejection!


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  • its just something you like to do. Why should I consider it normal or not?

    • I do it not because I want to drink. I feel like I have to, or else I'm awkward

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  • it is a way to relax but it is not needed. I rarely drink. But I was married for 20 yrs.. with my ex for 25. honestly when I go on a date I don't care if she likes me or not. Obviously I hope it goes well but if it doesn't I am not loosing any sleep over it. by the time we meet she has seen my profile online so she knows what I look like, and we have chatted by that time. so she isn't going to be surprised by what shows up. it just comes down to if you click. and there is no way to know until you meet.

  • in my opinion no as long as it's just one or two... whatever helps relaxes you.

    Hopefully the more u get to know him, the less nervous nerves you'll have, and u won't need to use the booze for that reason anymore

  • You probably do it so you can relax more around the guy. Some people would consider it a turn off if it always came off you drank all the time. Maybe you need a better coping mechanism with new person anxiety. If it only happens for a few weeks before you get used to them I don't see it as a terrible problem.


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