Help understanding what I should so with this girl I'm dating?

I've been dating this girl for a month or so we haven't labeled it yet but she is confusing me on what we really are..

She tells me she really likes me but told me one day I don't need to wait around and I could date whoever but when I told her I'm not the type to just pick up random girls she says she's glad cause she doesn't like the idea of me having sex with another girl?

When we are out we act like bf gf but I know we aren't so she goes and talks to guys while I sit and talk with my friends but will come back like are you mad at me? She does tell random guys I'm her boyfriend at times when we are out

But when another one of her female friends would come and talk/flirt with me she would get jealous..

From my understanding as she put it is that we wouldn't label it but in ways it feels like she wants me to herself and I'm giving her a little more room to wiggle and I won't say I don't get jealous but i realize I don't necessarily have a claim to her yet even though I would like to but she says she wants to be comfortable with me first

Guess what my question is is that I want to keep pursuing cause she definetely feels like the right one but I don't want to push the question of being together anymore and want to give it time but would like to here what you guys would do in my situation?

Also I've just recently came back from staying with her and for some reason she hasn't text back after a few text the day after (2 days now) should it be a cause for concern or no?


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  • Red flags all over. I would leave her.

    I don't think she knows what she is doing, and she will hurt people she is around as well as her very own self.

    • what would you consider a red flag froom what you read?

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    • well we talked a little and i told her I've always been serious about us but considerate on what you want but i did bring up the talking to other guys and she says she doesn't flirt and that only the random guys try to flirt but she tells them im her boyfriend most of the guys she knows i know as well but we have agreed to spend more time with each other then going out getting drunk.. im sure she can make me happy even if she is moving away for college.

    • Glad to hear.

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  • When the timing feels right you should have a talk with her about why she doesn't want to put a label on it and that you feel like you want to make it official and be exclusive. I was in a very similar situation once. The guy totally acted like my boyfriend but didn't want a label and told me I could date whoever I wanted to. I let him string me on for a couple of months like that until I realized it's not worth it. If someone is right for you, you two will be together. Don't hang on and wait for someone who is acting like she wants to check out other options first.

    • I know she is keeping her options open cause she has said she doesn't trust if I will will remain faithful and she doesn't trust even herself to remain faithful when she goes to college 2 hours away kinda weird but okay but the leading on making it seem like you want something exclusive is my only thing

      Although she hasn't text back in 2 days which is something new so I'm worried something may have happened to her or this is just a sign she wants to back away before anything bad happens?

  • You need to ask her and if she doesn't want to label it then you have to decide what it is that you want


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