Do you think I can compete with his old crush?

He's been trying to get with her for 3 years and she's finally giving him a chance. Things were amazing between him and I then suddenly he told me he can't see me anymore. He said it's hard to be around me cause it's "hard for him to resist" but he wants to see where things will go with the other girl.


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  • Don't compete. It's not worth your time and if he's really hung up on this girl then he's going to see where things go with her. Forget about him and move on and then if things don't work out with those two then he might come back to you or he might not. But trying to compete for someone when they're leaning towards the other person usually ends up with the person in your position getting hurt.

    • Do you think ignoring him or no longer speaking to him would be the best idea, or try to remain friends?

    • He's the one who picked the other girl. You can be friends with him if you want but don't expect anything to come from it

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