He remembered where I live. Is he into me?

I've been seeing this one guy for a few weeks now and we act like a couple whenever we hang out.

A few weeks ago, he asked me out of the blue what the street was called that I lived on. He has yet to come to my place. I've been to his place twice.

I was skyping with him yesterday and he remembered the exact street that I lived on, even though I had only told him once.

Did he ask me what my street was called so he could try and find out where I live or?


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  • Guys think they are slick. We always try to say things to find out things and yes we think we are slick. It's much easier to just ask but that would be too easy.


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  • Well.. if he's seeing you he's clearly interested. I dont think knowiong where someone lives is a player in if a guy likes a girl, more like just general knowledge. From what it sounds like to me he could just remember and want you to ask him round?