Is he clingy or pushy? Something about this guy is giving me weird vibes?

He just keeps asking to do things with me over and over again, but not in a cute way…
It goes more like…
him: what are you doing Saturday night? I want to do x.
me: oh sorry I am already busy, what about friday?
him: well what i want to do is on saturday.
me: oh.. well.. sorry I have something else.
him: what are you doing the next saturday?
me: I actually have an event that night too!
him: are you just saying that b/c you don't want to see me?
me: no… I actually really do have an event that day.
him: what are you doing tonight? I am going to x activity and I can get you in for free if you lie and say you're actually interested in learning more about the activity. Are you free? I can teach you.
me: I'm free, but I'm not sure if I want to do that activity.
him: you need to get out more… it's fun and you should try it.
me: umm I guess I'll think about it?
him: (2 hrs later) have you decided if you are going to come?
me: no…
him: no you aren't coming or no you haven't decided?
him: you should come, it's really fun and I'll be there :) :) I can teach you.

That is just a small snippet of what our conversations go like… That's one of many examples! This is someone I've been on ONE date with. I had a great time talking to him, but I don't think I see him romantically and he knows about this too. He said he wants to keep proving to me that he can be romantic? He wants another shot and getting me to like him. I just feel very odd about everything with him. He doesn't even usually go to this activity on this night, but since I live 4 blocks away he is coming here and thinks that since he is there I have to come too.

Anyone have advice on this situation?


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  • This is why it's always best to upfront with all guys who ask women out. When women let us down gently (spare our feelings) we hear the "I'm busy" excuse a lot. It tends to make us not believe a woman when she actually is busy. I leads to confusion, a man asking multiple times to make sure. It's best to always say, I'm not interested. As far as this guy goes be brutal blunt. Tell him you don't and won't see him as a romantic interest. If you don't, he'll keep trying.

    • Okay, here's the thing. How am I supposed to decide in one random date that I see him romantically or not. Secondly, it's not that I'm not totally not interested in him, I am just not interested in the activity tonight… he wants me to go to a dance lesson with him. That does not sound like fun to me… I have a job interview tomorrow and I have tons to get done beforehand. I actually do have plans on those days where I can't meet.

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  • Have you told him flat out 'i don't think this will work out?'

    • Yeah! I said I didn't think I felt romantic feelings towards him, but in one date I wasn't sure… which is true.

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  • I think he is a little pushy

    • I think you're right… except idk. I can't decide. He just doesn't seem to be malicious about it? It's hard to say. It's like he's so desperate to show me things he's good at b/c he thinks that by showing me things he can do I'll like him more?

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    • he just said I didn't give him and I a chance.

    • well u did now so say see u knew it won't work out

  • He's clingy. Girlfriend, I'm scared for ya because he seems like the kind of guy to go beserk after rejection.