Is it true that there is a certain level of attractiveness that makes a person strictly "relationship material only"?

Have you found that this is true?
What type of female (or male) would you put in this category?


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  • It varies by person.

    Generally women express higher physical requirements in a short term relationship than long.

    Men it's reversed


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  • What do you mean by strictly relationship?

    that its relationship or nothing? no friendship? no friends with benefits ?

    • Well I think the type of girl you can either be in a "relationship or nothing else" and the girl you can "only be friends with because you don't think she would date you" are different types of girls all together.

      But in the context of the question I was talking about the girl you can only be in a relationship with and nothing else.

  • i can only be in a relationship with an old man. if you're a certain age we can date but i wouldn't be interested in them as a friend

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