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I'm 23, and I like going to the gym and being fit. I also like women who take care of their bodies as well. I thought that meeting a gym girl would help me meet a like minded woman. I was told it was never a good idea to chat up women in the gym. After today, I'm not so sure anymore. Here is what really baffled me.

I graduated college last week. While I was in college, I would go to the gym just about everyday. Whenever I saw women that I liked and would try to chat up in between reps or as they walking across the gym, they would act really stuck up or get pissy at me for even attempting to talk to them. With that, I started to listen to people when they told me to never approach women at the gym.

Since I'm no longer in college and don't have access to my university gym any longer, I went to a gym downtown today. I was just baffled by my experience at this place. I went midday, but there were still gorgeous women at the gym. I didn't chat any of them up due to the treatment I got for talking to women at my university gym. Even though I didn't talk to any of them, women were still nice enough to say hi to me as I passed them or nod at me when I made eye contact with them.

Also, this one guy (I guess he was new as well) approached 2 women in between their sets. In my mind, I thought he was a goner, but they were so open with him. He asked them how long they have been at the gym, what they liked about it... and their convo turned into things about school, friends and life in general. I was just so shocked at how open these women were with other people.

Is it common for women at university gyms to be less open to conversation?

Are women at non-university gyms more open for conversation with guys? Or is the gym I picked just a good gym?


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  • I think it depends on the types of women who frequent the gym and where they're at in their lives. Of course, it varies from woman to woman as well. Me personally, I don't really want to start up a conversation when I'm in the middle of a workout- I'm working out, not having social hour. (Note- this is why I'm NOT a gym person and I tend to workout solo, it's an independent activity for me).

    There are a few reasons women at the university gym might have been less receptive than women at LA Fitness.
    1. Most girls I went to university with didn't workout at the university gym unless they were serious athletes, meaning they were training hardcore and not into being hit on while doing it.
    2. College guys tend to be ridiculously persistent and repetitive when it comes to hitting on their fellow female students. If you go to the gym every day, you're bound to be annoyed that you get thrown the same line from different or the same guy in the middle of a cardio session.
    3. College women have more recreational time than women in the workforce, so they tend not to see the gym as an opportune place to meet men. They meet them when they go out on weekends, in classes, at parties, at the cafeteria etc. Women in the workforce don't have the same luxury of meeting new men on a semi-regular basis- they work with the same people daily and tend not to go out quite as much, so they see the gym as a possible place to meet people and are more receptive.


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  • I think it was more of the timing than the gym. For some reason if someone tries to talk to me while I work out, I'm like a monster lol, I get SO mad because I'm in the workout mindset and any distractions I have really bother me. Also I don't like talking to people because if I'm working out I'm usually sweaty, I probably don't smell too nice from the sweat and I just want a shower. If I was interested in a guy, I would definitely not want to be talking to him when I'm sweaty and gross! Don't worry about it though, sounds like you've got a good gym, try to talk to girls before they start their workouts or if they're taking breaks. Good luck!

  • The women are a different breed, possibly career women or stay at home moms, but definitely women who have experienced some loneliness making them more apt to make conversation. They may also be going to the gym to find a guy. College girls top the list of objectification and consumption for male dating patterns, in effect these girls can get ultra-egos... I'm guessing a high percentage of the women who are friendly at LA Fitness are either a) unhappily married or attached, b) a little more insecure than the average college girl, no idea how many men they chat up at the gym or c) actually secure in themselves, unattached and open to conversation (although this is the least likely scenario lol)... Don't be so eager to chat up women at the gym. Focus on yourself, go to some yoga and cycling classes where women will see you but you can actually benefit from the cardio and stretch... Good energy attracts good energy. Don't be that guy who tries to pick up girls, be that guy who girls wish they had a chance to talk to!

    • Nice reasoning :). Most of the women I saw there seemed to be 18-25 max. I even overheard a few talking about school with their friends XD. Maybe I just picked a good location?

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