How do I respond to guys on dating sites?

Okay so I started signed up for a dating site and there is this very good looking guy who lives 20 minutes out of town from me - He sent me an incredibly charming message - problem is I have no idea how to respond! I love to talk but for some reason every time a guy messages me I don't know what to say! I really want to meet some new guys even if it's just as friends - can someone please give me an idea of how to respond?


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  • Talk about anything, you're not on a job interview, LOL!

    • It definitely feels like it's a job interview - actually worse because my last job interview I showed up at the store and said I heard they were looking for someone to work for them and got the job after five minutes of talking! xD I never really had to do a lot of talking - I just flirted with my eyes at guys and then they basically followed me around.

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    • Honestly isn't always a bad thing - though if there is too much information all at once is sometimes a killer when it comes to starting relationships. Oh and by the way me and the guy have an awesome conversation going now! :D

    • The problem is... are you going to break up over things you or I would have mentioned on our profiles earlier on?

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  • You kinda need to do this on your own lol, write down a message, change parts you don't like. It should be a lot easier to respond than to think of something on the fly like that guy did.

    Plus no one can give you an idea without seeing what was said.

    • Basically he complemented me on my smile and said he wanted to get to know me better in a really sweet way. I know I should be figuring this out myself but I've only dated two guys in my life - both long term and I was with the last guy for three and a half years so never really did a whole lot of flirting or dating... Basically consider me a virgin when it comes to this stuff.. :P

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