I don't believe u said this?

(I don't believe u said this) I've had this response from a girl when I talked about sex with her, and I ended up having sex with her. Years went and years came and for the same reason I had this response from another girl I'm dating now.. is it normal that girls wanna prove to us that they're pure innocent angels and so hard to get or what's the message from this statement , I'm kinda bold and that's a turn off when it comes to girls I guess but it's still working or at least with the girls I met
ty y'all


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  • Guys don't want easy girls plus why should we come easy you should have to work for the privilege. She deserves someone that is willing to work for her. Plus most people have been screwed over from assholes that fuck and dump and people that work for it are less likely to leave after the effort

  • Boldness can be a turn on but most of the time it's super disrespectful. A lot of the times you don't even know how to react because it's like you go into shock. Like this this really just fucking say that?
    If somebody is innocent it just means they're inexperienced and you shouldn't be so quick to judge other people.
    If you're going to be pushy on a girl fine her problem. But if the girl is inexperienced then you should definitely fucking stop being a sexual predator and go buy yourself a whore and leave her to somebody who will care about her and put in the time and effort you not going to give her.

    • *like did he

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    • Plus love can't be defined like our parents used to
      u have reached to a society where kids are educated in several ways on the super-duper highway of the Internet. Like if one of them figured out GAG and read articles wouldn't he be spoiled?
      And then turns a Satan in this society.. That's how life happens to be nowadays and that's why u get shocked when u say most of people don't know what love means in fact dear they do know what love means but they're afraid to show love in this disgusting place although we were born with this gift we won't easily show it..

    • Love wasn't ever defined by our parents. It's an eternal, universal truth. The Greeks (famous for philosophy) even figured this out: 4 loves-Agape (love of God), Eros (Lust), Philia (Friendship), Storge (Love for camily or those familiar to you). Unconditional agape is the only true love there is. All others are conditional and driven by self-interest.
      Sex doesn't prove you love anyone, lol. It can be infused with love you have already but in of itself it does not do anything but fulfill a personal need to orgasm. Romance is just a mix of Philia and Eros but CAN include Agape.
      I don't feel comfortable using other people's bodies I don't know and people I don't like to achieve plessure. There are other ways. I might not even like the mofo wtf would I sleep with him? I do not or even can emotionally bond with strangers, let alone sleep with them that's fucking psycho.

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