Would it make me a bad girlfriend if I hate texting?

I see questions on here non stop about people worrying whether they are or aren't texting enough to their partners. I hate to text. I feel like text messages are misread FAR too often and that people take the timing ridiculous in how long it takes texting back. If I were a girlfriend would you think I was a bad one for wanting to NOT text but to TALK instead? Or would you like that I'm not lighting up your phone every five minutes?


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  • It isn't bad as long as you communicate that with him, and maybe meet him somewhere in the middle. A lot of people don't like having conversations in text messages. They are best for quick little messages, when you don't feel like talking. Like asking someone to pick up some milk on the way home from work. I don't want to start a conversation for something that simple, because then I can't hang up right after my request without seeming rude. All the other person needs to do then is either say okay, or I can't, and the communication is done.


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  • No, it would make you one of the more sane women I've heard about.


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