Crush on my best friend, HELP?

Okay so me and my best friend, Carson, have been best friends since the sixth grade and I kinda-sorta-maybe want to have a romantic relationship with him, but he's always saying how much he's straight even though honestly, we are really close for "just friends" and it gets annoying because I really really like him but I don't know if he swings that way or if he is even looking for a relationship. I'm also not completely sure if my parents would agree, since they're not completely opposed to the idea, but at the same time they've never exactly agreed with it so I don't want to have my parents be mad, plus there is his parents and the school and I'm so confused, HELP.


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  • Personally i think the best thing to would be just put your heart out on the line, and I'm sure your parents would accepting. Also truthfully it's 2014 and I don't think people will care that much whether your gay or straight! If you don't try to talk to him about, you'll always wonder what could've been. If you do decide to tell him, good luck. :)


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