Was I right to be upset with him? Please help I've been really down?

So i met this cute guy, we were going to make plans. We didn't plan our hang out in advance though. He just texted me around 1pm saying that he was at the beach and that we could hang out. I told him that i might leave my house in an hour. I didn't end up leaving in an hour tho since i was still busy doing my hair etc He texted me asking what time i think i would leave my house... i wasn't sure what to say back so i just continued rushing to get ready and i texted him back in like 40 min. I told him that i was ready now and i asked him can i still meet him at the beach. Our plan was to just drive around in his car and talk. He texted me back saying that he already left the beach. So i replied "so where should we meet?"..40 min later i didn't get a response from him so i told him "are we still meeting or?" and he replied saying "where are you at now?" I didn't know why he asked that, obviously i was at home. I wasn't going to just leave my house not knowing where we'll be meeting or what time i would meet him. So i texted back "i'm at home". He didn't text me back after that but i thought he would say something else to elaborate.

A few hours pass by and i was just waiting by my phone expecting a text from him but he didn't say anything at all. I got pissed so i texted him saying to just forget about the meet up and that if he was busy he could have just let me know earlier instead of me getting dressed and waiting for him for no reason. He didn't respond again :/. The next morning i sent him another text explaining that i was upset the other evening and i told i wouldn't have gotten mad if he just gave me a heads up. Again.. he didn't respond. So i told him that i would just stop texting him then. Even though i said that i didn't delete his # :( I'm not sure if i was right to be upset or if he was just being a jerk. Was i right to upset? If not what should i do to resolve this. Thanks in advance


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  • It just sounds like a misunderstanding. Maybe u shouldn't have told him all that but he all should have elaborated. I would probably let a couple days pass first before u say anything back. Unless he responds first


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