HELP? How do I overcome jealousy?

Ok so I've had this guy friend for 3 years. We haven't been "close" until this year. He's always calling me beautiful and he looks me dead straight in the eye. And I always turn away cause I'm shy, but that just tells me he's observant. He treats me a lot different than his other female friends. He walks me to class, and I missed yesterday and he was worried I didn't show up.. He missed me (I was gone for ONE day). But whenever I see him with other girls it makes me feel this way... He was walking me home and another girl came and he basically went with her and forgot I was there. I'm sure tht was not his intention but it kind of hurt. So I just turned the other way and walked another way home. He apologized the last time. We aren't even dating but I know he has an attraction to me. Should I just deal with it or what? Is it normal?
PS. I'm not clingy... He's always the one to approach me or Wait for me to come out of class so he can walk with me.


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  • Seems that you need to ask yourself what you want from him, you have feelings for him but mask it a lot by saying that it's all him while it's really you going crazy isn't it? Ask him out instead of feel jealous. Because that feeling lingers so long as you're not sure if he's really yours. I advise you to either friend zone inertly or see what comes out of a relationship, the feeling won't ever leave you. You feel to much for him.


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  • Then you should tell him you want to be his girl if thats what you want


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  • Jealousy happens, you just have to accept... but seems to me he likes to talk other girls besides you.

    • I understand how it seems I only want him to talk to me. But it just bothers me. Ty for your advice

    • Your young... I used know to this guy who would always act nice and sweet to me too but I knew in the back mind and seen with my eyes that he acts like it to the other 5 girls he was talking to. Be careful with boys