This shy girl is confusing me?

This shy girl at school who is in a few of my classes has shown interest in me previously but now seems to have backed off a little since I asked her for her number (I think I fucked up a bit because I did it in a corny way over facebook). She's going to formal with a guy (only because he was the only guy to ask her and they're not going out). She used to walk past me at lunch pretty often but now doesn't seem to for some reason. She still looks at me in class sneakily but I don't know what's happened. It seems like since I've tried to push things further I've made her uncomfortable or something or she thinks that I'm not hard to get anymore. What does everyone else think?

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  • I'm a really shy girl. With my ex when we first met each other he really liked me and I liked him too. We became good friends actually but he said he never tried to tell me he liked me coz I gave him heaps of mixed signals!

    I think you should try be friends with her. Even though I'm shy I won't ignore a guy I like who tries to talk to me. If she still ignores you then maybe she doesn't like you in that way anymore?


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  • She responded to the "only dude to show her interest"--- Good for him... Too bad for you though? Don't hate.


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