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So I met this girl a few times before I went abroad this summer for Italy. In the middle of my trip I decided to message her and things picked up from there. Since then we've made plans for when she gets back on campus, flirted almost every day, and she's overall just a great girl. Now the last time I talked to her was last Friday and things seemed great, but then I sent her a text that night and no response. Same thing for Sunday. As far as I know I haven't done anything that would make her mad. So now I'm playing the waiting game to see if she gets back to me and if not if I should forget about her and move on. I really like the girl but I've already sent her two texts and don't want to seem needy/creepy especially if this could go somewhere, which I'm starting to doubt it will. I don't really have a question I guess I'm just looking for some advice.

To clarify I began messaging her when I was in Italy but came back to the states a few weeks ago. I'm not really sure what's up but I'm just going to forget about it and reevaluate if I hear from her later on. Thanks for the advice.


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  • Either there is bad cell service where you are Or----She has put you on her pay no mind list after your------Things seemed great. Unless she has a Good Excuse, I find this rude and crude, not even sending you back a reply all weekend. However, let's be fair, perhaps the 'Text' didn't Take, so send her One more. I have been abroad so I know on Either end, at times there can be connection problems.
    However, if she doesn't Reply That time, then you need to---------Stop 'Playing the waiting game,' my friend, and Stop Contacting this chick. Wait and let her Contact You if she wants to Still be on Your List for even being a friend. Just about then, she would be on My list for being nothing but a fair weather friend.
    She may have gone 'Abroad' herself and may have got up with another, which in the 'Boy meets girl' world happens every day. However, it's still not proper in my Book of Etiquette, to put someone you have 'Met' and had a few laughs and giggles with on the Other end, to just drop out of sight and fall of the face of the earth. The person that I am, I would have shot you a text, with or without you having sent me One, just to say "Hi."
    Go out there and enjoy the rest of your trip. And when you step back in your own territory again and she Still hasn't pushed a button, Continue your Beguine of keeping at arm's length. A girl like this is Not reliable, dependable or even could be loyal, and most likely would end up putting your heart in------Harm's way.
    Good luck... Ciao. xx

    • Thanks. I've been back in the states for a few weeks now and I thought things were going well. She kept telling me how sweet I was and that I was a nice guy and all that but I don't know now. No use worrying about it though. School starts soon and I've got plenty on my plate.

    • God's blessings you are back safe and sound and apparently nothing has materialized... Yes, I agree that with 'Plenty on my plate,' that there are----Plenty More fish in the sea as well... Take care... xx

    • Glad I could be here for you, sweetie... Ciaoxx

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  • That depends. It could mean she's lost interest in you, she could have liked you more as a friend and flirted coz it was fun but realised you like her way more that she does for you so she doesn't want to keep leading you on, she could have met another guy... idk.

    What I suggest is don't message her now. You're in Italy! Go out and have fun! Maybe you can see if she messages you in a weeks time. If not maybe drop another message that requires her to answer you back. If she doesn't reply then you should just leave it. If the girl is keen on you she would definitely text you back! Otherwise you will know not to waste your feelings for someone who doesn't feel the same. Although it hurts it probably will be for the better :)

  • Okay, I understand your concern. I've had this happen before. In my case, he was in an accident and had no way to get in contact. Now I'm not saying to start freaking out or worrying but keep an open mind. I won't contact people for days because my phone gets cut off or even broke my phone. Just keep an open mind. Wait until she gets back on campus and if she's avoiding you, then she's lost interest. If not, ask her what happened.

    • True. She knows I'm interested and I've already done my part. If I don't hear back from her I'm just going to forget about it and move on.

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