How would you define love?

What is your definition of love?
Have you ever been in love? How did it feel?


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  • anyone can fall in love but reason is difficult to say. if someone mean everything to u yeah u r in love. if ur crazy about someone nd if even flaws of a person are perfect to you it means u love him. love is just caring nd being cazy about him. i m in love. it feels great. lungs full of happiness when i am with her. no one can fill her absence.. but u know what she doesn't love :(

    • aww, i'm so sorry! maybe soon she'll be in love with you too, head up :)
      And that was a great definition! thankyou

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    • I'm sure the right girl will come along soon, good luck anyway :)

    • thank u very much :)

  • Love is willing to die for that person or thing.


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