Does she avoid eye contact because I'm ugly?

-Curls up to me and tells me to keep her warm if I put my shoulder around her or plots her head on my arm to acknowledge
-When embracing, she digs her head into my chest
-Tugs at her hair as we chat, flirt and laugh
-She can easily look at other guys (but not me?)
-Her friends give her 'that' look when I drop by her and say hi to everyone (although I am just as good as friends with the others)
-I know she is the shy type

I don't have the best skin although medication and good eating is starting to help alleviate it. Furthermore I have packed on the leanness after starting to hit up the gym more etc. Fashion-wise, I've given it all an overhaul so I dress really 'well and sharp' now as my friends put it.

Not to sound vain, but I am one of those more well known and liked guys around with connections with everyone. I carry myself really well. Yet she is the only one I get this lack of eye contact from! Not to mention we shy when together.

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  • Maybe She Doesn't Look At You Because You Make Her Kind Of Nervous When She's Around You... And Other Guys She Can Easily Look At Because They Don't Give Her That Special Butterfly Feeling That You Do

    • exactly she kind of likes you and she is just a friend to other guys...

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  • I wouldn't worry about it. I do exactly what she does, and it not because the person is 'ugly' it's because looking them in the eye makes me nervous and scared.


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