Did your crush become ur future husband/wife/long term partner?

Hi I've never had a crush on any person to this extent - that I would imagine him coming over and spend time with my family and just basically having him around me all time in my life. Normally my crushes won't last that long and I'm usually crushing over people but I never imagine spending time with them. This time it's a bit different.

Like I kinda like everything that this guy does, and one time wheni was talking to him and he had a bit of food stuck between his teeth he's extremely adorable and I always think about him. When to be honest I'm a clean freak and I just start loving everything that he does. Do you think that something will happen - because I truly feel that this crush is really different from the rest.


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  • nope. my first crush, things didn't work out, I ended up leaving and she found a replacement for me lol.

    • Aww like was she really very special compared to your other crushes to you? Oh no - life's not a fairy tale. I need to wake up. Lol

    • well she was just my first crush, things didn't really pan out the way I wanted them too so I just bailed BUUUT im so nice that I made it look like im the bad guy to give her a easier time and then she found some other guy similar to me I guess to replace me lol

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  • Well, go ahead. Serious, long term relationship needs nurturing, time and attraction from both the parties. If u both like each other and gradually go with d flow u never know when u get a grt partner or soulmate in future as this relationship develops:) by d way my school enemy met me in collage after years and inspite of bad relations in past, v fell in, love n today he is my fiance:) u never know whats destiny stored for u:)

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