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Hey everyone,
So here's the story. I've been chatting with this woman on a online dating site for the past 2 weeks. Thing is, she picked me up. Aka msged me, made the innitiative to keep in contact. So on and so forth. Now I've never seen this woman before because well she never had a profile picture. But the way she spoke to me online, she had what an amazing heart, that I had to reply. Anyways, long story short, our convos haven't been every single day none stop, which im fine with since i dont really know her, and I have my own life to take care of. Anyways long story short, on Monday of this week, she finally said to me, "i find it a huge turn on that you haven't asked me for a picture yet". And I was like well I was going to ask for one, but at the same time didn't want to scare you off. Then long story short, she sent me her number and pleaded I text her. So after work on Monday I did. And was I in for what a surprise. The girl is a bombshell. Anyways. Long story short, I am leaving on vacation to greece on Sunday for about a month. I offered this woman to grab a bite and some drinks at a quite restaurant that i know of, or a bar if she wants, just so she can think of me while im gone. She told me wed night she is free. Thats the last time we spoke. Then long story short, i shot her a text last night asking her how her day was, and I haven't heard a reply. Now im not stressing over the situation, but I was actually looking forward to meeting her, seeing as how we have been clicking for the past 2 weeks, and me not knowing what she looked like. Long story short, do I wait the day out and see if she texts me? Or do I shoot her a text? My intuition is telling me to not text her, seeing as she seems "busy" now. Or something has caused her to "retreat", which i dont know, cause she has flooded me with compliments and "xoxox" in texts. Im not holding my breath on tonight, but how should i go about figuring this out?


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  • How many times can you say long story short? OMG.. well long story short I'm getting the feeling she sent you a fake picture, and now doesn't want to meet you because she doesn't look like that...

    • LOL no one has patience today? IM FAST FORWARDING THE STORY YOU IDIOTS TO SIGNIFICANT PARTS. Eugh Nvm I know what to do. You guys are all a waste on here anyways... I knew the answer way before typing it.

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    • I was trying to be supportive and give my opinion.. sorry if my joke offended you :(

    • Going to do? LOl Clearly nothing. If my reply has affected you, which clearly it has, then my reply has clearly gotten a rise out of YOU. LOLOL

  • I liked how you said long story short and it bloody didn't lol haha i was like oh is it done yet, oh oh, oh nahh!! Haha ok

    Just play it cool man. Relax. Do what you would normally do.

    • I am. Long story short, you dont need to add 2 sense to make ur big head looks smaller.

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    • Thanks. Its going ok, i mean i hate waking up to go for work so early but yeah long story short, good luck with your chicka

    • Thank lunguine!

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