Why does my date's mother want to meet me?

Well I've been hanging up with this guy (will call him John) for a couple weeks and have set up another date by next Friday.

We do have similar interests such as reading books dealing with suspense and science fiction, don't have too many friends, aren't into parties, are in our very early 20's studying our majors and are an only child. He's planning to move out once he's done with college while I've been living on my own for a year now.

Anyways, his mother was annoyed that we were secretly dating and now wants to meet me. Is this very common? That a guy's mother wants to meet his date? From the way she was caling him on his cell phone while we were hanging out, she does seems like overprotective.


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  • He must be a mummy's boy then. I don't know how common this is as it not happend to me or any friends of mine both male and female ones

    • Yes, seems like he is. Not sure if him being an only child has to do with why she's overprotective.

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    • She's aware of that too.

    • she mite not let it happen if she has a lot of power over him.

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  • If she's overprotective, she likely will be involved.

    • Though he's already 21 years old (a year younger than me). This is the first I have to deal with a guy's overprotective mother. Hope the meeting goes easy.

    • I'm sure it will. Pee on his leg while maintaining eye contact to assert your dominance over her.

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  • I'm assuming his mother wants to meet you because you're dating her only child she has raised for years, her baby she gave birth to, spent restless nights when he would cried late at night, was there when he was sick, fed him, etc. I think it's natural for a mother to be protective of her child, even more if that's her only child. They probably want the best for their child.
    At most, she is going to probably ask about your hobbies.

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