Why Do I Attract Loser Females? Does This Happen To Other Guys?

Hey! This is just something that has been bugging me for quite sometime. I always seem to attract loser females... but I cannot attract women that actually want to do something with their lives.

By loser females, I am talking about the following type: Severely depressed women, chronic drug users, single moms who are struggling or women who don't want to work and want a sugar daddy.

This has been happening to me since high school. The last girl that liked me in high school went to jail last week for selling cocaine -_-. I read about that in the newspaper.

I'm a very educated guy. I have a bachelor's degree. I have a job. My own car. My own place. I like to stay in shape. Read books and write. Stay up to date with current events. Enjoy dressing nice. And I am also a very driven person and I believe that hard work makes all the difference. I am also still a virgin, because I want to lose it with a girl that I click with (not wait till I am married, but someone I really like).

Despite the way I carry myself and the confidence I have to make my dreams become a reality, it always seems the types of girls listed above take notice of my status and try hard to get with me.

I don't even have to approach these girls for them to start trying to talk to me. They just come to me and start trying to make moves.

When I try to find a woman who has the same ideals as me, I always get shrugged off, denied dates, canned or friend-zoned.

Does this kind of thing happen to any other guys?


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  • Depression doesn't make you a loser. Being a single mom and struggling doesn't make you a loser.


    Try struggling with depression. You'll be enlightened by how goddamn hard it is to keep going.

    Try raising a child by yourself with no support from a partner. You have an extra mouth to feed and clothe and support by yourself. Money doesn't grow on trees and nor does extra support to raise that child.



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  • Because "loser females" want a guy who has settled down, usually because they are tired of the bad guy type.
    Maybe you also sell yourself as a serious type and girls who are like you can't see the real you or get too bored, don't mean to say this as an offense

  • The good girls might think that you are to good for them and the loser girls might see you as someone who can take care of them. Like someone said, the loser girls are often tired of the bad boy type of guy whilst the good girls like that bad boy guy scince it's a little rebellious and they treat them as they think they should be treated (many girls look down upon them selfs), and because of this you might seem too good or ''boring'' in to them in their own eyes.

  • Depressed women and single mothers are losers? Wow. Maybe you can't get the women you want because they see how much of a jerk you are.

  • So a struggling single mom is a loser? Sounds to me like you have the attitude that you're better than most and you like to be seen for what you have not who you are! An arrogant Asshole is what you remind me of. If it wasn't for my husband now, I would still be a struggling single mom working my ass off as a waitress. My son was a product of date rape but I was determined to take care of him no matter what I had to do. Quit labeling people and maybe you'll find that some people get reputations for the wrong reasons (not all). There are gold diggers in both male and female but I don't see how being a single mother makes you a "loser female"!


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  • You come across as a loser to other people, regardless of how you may see yourself.

    • Yup... everything is so clear now! Thanks a lot of your insightful post :).

  • They are easier to please but impossible to understand.

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