What the hell just happened?

I met this guy through friends a few weeks ago and we chatted on Facebook and whatsapp (he asked for my phone number) we had a long conversation and he sort of said that he liked me and asked me to have a drink with him. We couldnt meet up because I went on holiday straight after but agreed to meet after my holiday. Now I have returned, but suddenly he has unfriended me on facebook, which I think is super weird especially because he said he liked me and we have all these friends in common! He also flirted with me a lot and invited me to parties etc.. Why would he unfriend me on facebook? I even was afraid that I did it myself by accident.. I just don't understand this :(!

He does still send me texts though.. and still flirty.. I am starting to think that he maybe unfriended me by accident? Dont know if thats possible though..


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  • Send a friend request and see what happens.

  • Maybe he found another girl while you were away and doesn't want you to see the pics.

    • weird thing is.. he is also still messaging me on whatsapp.. and if he has someone else I would find out very soon since we have a lot of friends in common.. really strange!

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