How much contact should I keep up before first date but while she is out of town?

I connected with a girl on Hinge. We had about as good as conversation one can have on the app, and after about a day or two I asked her out. Turned out to be bad timing as she was leaving for vacation that day, but we exchanged numbers and agreed meet up soon. I've been acting under the premise: "don't bother her while she's on vacation." But my friend suggested I keep up at least SOME contact while she's gone to maintain interest, otherwise the willingness to get drinks with me will have faded by the time she gets back. So figured I'd come here and get the opinion of some women. What do you think?

P. S. Normally I would never give this much thought at all to a woman I haven't even met yet!!! But for some reason this seems promising so I'm treading lightly.


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  • if you two just started talking, maybe like one text during her vacation- just a "hope you got there safely and have fun" text. then don't text her till she gets back.

  • I would say every three to four days is okay.


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