I told him a White lie? What should I do?

This is so stupid and silly but I've been seeing this guy, he's so nice he treats me so well. We've been on two amazing dates, we speak often. He's such a gentleman. However! ... I told him I was 19 when really I'm 18 and turning 19 in two months, he's just turned 22 himself. I'm so scared He's gonna be upset with me or think I'm a liar because of.. I had the chance to tell him but I keep getting scared. What do I do? How do I say it / when? ?


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  • tell him the truth. its not by a big difference and you're not a minor so its good.

  • You could play dumb. Act like you told him your real age, when/if he confronts you about it, tell him that he misheard you, or that you must have gotten your age mixed up because your birthday is on your mind.

    I was 27 and was dreading my 28th birthday. It was on my mind so much that I kept forgetting that I wasn't 28 yet!

  • And on here apparently you are 30-35


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