How to start off sophomore year and start dating?

I never really had a relationship and I never really thought any girl liked me until the end of freshman year. I'm in JROTC at my high school and when we had our military ball, I decided to ask out a girl I always thought of as my friend. Then, a week before the ball she tells me she likes me. Unfortunately I didn't feel the same and told her after the ball. At the ball, when we were having our dinner at our table, a friend of mine had brought a girl that goes to another school that I haven't seen in some time. Turns out she was looking at me like she liked me as well, from what bother friend at the table said (I'm oblivious to every sign). I was flattered, but the girl I had brought was my date and I wasn't going to dance with another girl if it meant hurting her that night.

After thinking about all that and softly rejecting my friend (we're still friends, she's moved on), I've decided to really get out more and find a girl. But I really need advice. I don't want to come off as weird. What advice do y'all have?


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  • well, if you're in JROTC, you must look good haha. so you shouldn't have a problem attracting girls.

    in all seriousness though, just be yourself and put yourself out there. don't be afraid to make the first move, because chances are the girl is just as nervous as you are. good luck!


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