I've always wondered if I went up to talk to every girl that smiled and looked at me. How much more successful I'd at getting woman. It a number game?

Ladies do u actually enjoy being hit on or is it annoying?

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  • I just find it so annoying. Like if it happened once a month or every other month it would be a compliment but I feel like sometimes guys think I'm just going to hand over my number right away. It would be nice to be able to go shopping and not get hit on. Plus when I've discussed this with my friends we agree that sometimes you can't be sure if a guy wants to get to know you and see where it goes or if he's just chatting you up cause your skinny, pretty and have boobs (jog on if that's the case). You may be more successful if you take them for a drink and treat them like a person not an object :) Yes we have boobs but we still have brains, ideas, likes and dislikes and looking for decent guys. Anyone can chat us up it takes a man to hold the door open and take us for a drink and to hang out!


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  • Believe me--you will be infinitely more successful at getting a girl's number if you actually ask for her number, lol.

    There have been times when I KNOW a guy wants to ask for my number but he doesn't. I like being "chased" so I don't ask for it even when I wish he did.

    You need to find something to talk to her about--maybe a teeshirt, something she was looking at, etc. and ask for her number to talk about it more. Don't just jump into it and ask for a dinner date and movie. That seems contrived. Just act like you are making a new friend.

  • I like being hit on - as long as the guy is in my age bracket and at least mildly attractive. It's only annoying to me if he is sexually suggestive.

  • If he's cute then I'm flattered, if he's ugly then he's a creep.


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